Outreach & Service

ATT00001 (1)Our new Reasons for Rarity? project will be featured during a new series of Science Cafés at the State Botanical Garden of Georgia. We also will display plantings and interpretive signage in the Garden to highlight our research on ecophysiology and genetics of narrow endemics and widespread species. I gave the inaugural Chatt About Science science café presentation fall 2016, and am excited for the opportunity to promote public understanding of science through more of these events.

Through outreach and service, I aim to exemplify active engagement by making meaningful positive contributions to my institution, profession, and community. At UTC, I serve as the Graduate Program Coordinator of the M.S. Environmental Science program and a representative to the Graduate Council and Faculty Senate. I also participate regularly in student-focused activities such as freshman orientation, our freshman-year reading program, and recruitment events. My professional service has included editorial and reviewing roles for journals, textbook publishers, and funding programs and leadership roles in professional societies. I have served my greater community through involvement with local town governance, pre-collegiate outreach and STEM education activities, and general public education via classes, lectures, and interviews.